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4 Exams You Need To Pass Before You Can Become a Licensed Financial Service Consultant In Singapore

Updated: May 9, 2022

Thinking of becoming a Financial Service Consultant in Singapore?


In compliance with the requirements as laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), you are required to pass 4 examination modules before you can register for your official licence. This is aligned with the goals of the Singapore government to strengthen the country as a financial hub in Asia and increase the quality of financial services in the industry. The 4 exam modules are listed belong with their respective fees. Click the "link" beside the fees to view the official webpages on the Singapore College of Insurance website.

MODULE FEE M5 SGD$107 (link) M9 SGD$107 (link) M9A SGD$107 (link) HI SGD$74.90 (link) TOTAL SGD$395.90

Source: Singapore College of Insurance Do note that these fees do not include subsequent attempts if you fail any of the specific exam modules. You can visit the official webpages for more information as listed above.

Written in collaboration with our financial advisory partners at Virtus Associates.


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